Escape Room…What’s that?

Maybe you’ve heard friends talking about them, or driven past one, or seen previews for the new movie that is out and you’ve found yourself thinking…but what IS an escape room?

An escape room (also known as an escape game) is a life sized game! It’s an immersive experience - think Disney World - with lots of puzzles and clues you have to solve in under 60 minutes to “escape”. Don’t worry, you’re never actually locked in, and if you need to leave at any point to take a call, use the restroom, or for any other reason, you are free to do so. But hurry back before you run out of time!

Escape Rooms are Immersive

Most escape rooms, including ours, have a theme and a story. You’re locked in an ancient Mayan Temple that the Great Jaguar Paw King rigged with booby traps and puzzles, and if you escape in time you’ll receive his ancient blessing. You’re trying to escape prison with the help of Donny, a prisoner who escape a few years ago, but the guards return in an hour. You’ve been abducted into an alien spaceship. You need to travel back in time to find the lost puzzle piece.

It wouldn’t be realistic to pretend to be trapped in a Mayan temple if there was carpet on the floor and an outlet in the wall now, would it? You can expect sand on the floor instead, and giant stone masks on the walls. The puzzles follow the theming of the room too! Our prison break room requires players to break into the guard room and deactivate all the security measures by finding codes to access panels and hacking into the security system on the computer.

Escape Rooms Require Teamwork

Part of the fun of escape rooms is the people you do them with. You can sign up with friends or family, or you can be matched with a group of strangers (friends you haven’t met yet!), but the people doing the escape room with you are your teammates, and without them you cannot escape! Many of the puzzles you will encounter cannot physically be solved by one person - you’ll need to communicate with others about what you see, hear, or feel, to accomplish your objective. Maybe there’s a looking hole on one side of a puzzle and an object that can be blindly manipulated on the other. One teammate will have to be the eyes of the person manipulating the puzzle! And for other puzzles, having an extra set of eyes can be the difference between escaping on time and not escaping at all. Get ready to work together so you can celebrate together when you accomplish your objective.

Escape Rooms are Games

Ultimately, the purpose of most escape rooms is to be a giant game comprised of many puzzles. You should assume everything inside an escape room is intentional. Find a quarter on the floor? It’s probably not leftover from the purse of the lady in the group before you. See some writing on the wall? Try to figure out a hidden meaning, or something else in the experience it could connect to.

These games are meant to be accessible to people of all backgrounds and skill levels, and they are designed to get you out of the room in a certain way. So, when Donny tells you to hack into the computer in our prison room, don’t assume you need knowledge of coding…just solve the riddle in the password hint ;) And when you’re running low on time in our temple, no need to bust a hole through the wall or climb into the ceiling, just follow the progression of games and you should be fine.

Escape Rooms are Addicting

Fair warning: after your first escape room, you will want to do another. And another. And another. These life sized adventures are perfect for family vacations, birthday parties, team building events, or just a night out with friends! No matter the occasion, the number one rule of escape rooms is simple: Have FUN!!